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Selected Paper Submissions for Oral Presentation at EMG 2017 (as at 22 May 2017)

The research intends to establish Internet marketing challenges of South African SMEs. The benefits of Internet marketing seems to be ignored by most SMEs and prevent them market their businesses effectively. The research design chosen for this research was descriptive research in conjunction with a quantitative approach. The sample for the study encompassed of 500 SME owners who currently manage small businesses in South Africa. The results confirmed that SME owners consider “Unauthorised access to sensitive or proprietary information, and limited verification of authorship of messages” as the largest challenge to use Internet marketing. Lack of resources and high start-up costs were indicated that they also experience challenges with funding Internet marketing. Most SME owners are still not convinced that Internet adoption could result in lower operational costs. Inadequate access to technologies; ineffective selling techniques; and limited market research; lack of management support and encouragement; references time and Internet costs were challenges mentioned. The conducted research would recommend display networks, email marketing and social media as marketing tools.
This study aims to look back on literature related to internationalization process of service firms. In this regards, the emphasis is on marketing challenges and the target is identification of the suitable strategy to succeed in in facing these challenges. In the other word challenges in the path of internationalization of the service firms are identified and relevant entry mode and strategies to cope with those challenges are presented.
The purpose of this paper was to determine the need for marketing strategy in small craft producers in South Africa (SA). Existing literature on marketing planning and the craft industry in South Africa (SA) was used to prove that craft producers need marketing strategy planning to close the market access challenge they currently experience. Craft producers lack access to the market and need to formulate appropriate marketing strategy in order to overcome this challenge. Marketing strategy impacts positively on business sales and profitability of a business and is the backbone of any business regardless of size. However, craft producers need an understanding of the market for them to formulate and effective and efficient marketing strategy.
The purpose of this study is to examine the stock market performance and accounting performance of Participation 30 Index (KATLM), Corporate Governance Index (XKURY) and Sustainability Index (XUSRD), all of which are calculated by Borsa Istanbul (BIST) stock market. The companies in these indexes are approved as companies making socially-responsible investments. The risk-adjusted performance measures, Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Measure, Jensen Measure, Information Ratio, M2 Performance Measure and T2 Performance Measure were used in this article to calculate the stock market performance. The return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE) were used as accounting based performance measures. The results show that there is a positive relation between social responsibility and financial performance for companies in BIST.
n recent years, Vietnam has experienced strong economic growth with vibrant workforce expansion, resulting in the rise in competition within job market and the rate of turnover at many companies. Obviously, working for an organization with a favorable reputation can enhance social identification and employee satisfaction, keeping employees staying with their current job. On the other hand, how about the turnover intention of those people who working for the so-called “bad company” that has been unfavorable judged by the local society? This study investigates perceived organizational support (POS), job satisfaction to turnover intention and examines whether organizational reputation is a moderator for job satisfaction and turnover intention of Vietnamese employees in a “bad company”. The research questions that researcher aims to pursue are: (1) How does POS affect job satisfaction? (2) How does job satisfaction affect turnover intention? (3) What is the relationship between POS, job satisfaction and turnover intention? (4) How does organizational reputation influent job satisfaction and turnover intention? By surveying 271 employees from Formosa Ha Tinh Steel company and analyzed data collected, this study has found that the relationship of POS and job satisfaction to turnover intention, additionally, this research explore how important influence of positive feeling of job, organizational reward practices and fairness treatment perceived on keeping employee embed to their job, last but not least, it figure out the organization with “bad reputation” can effect to employee intention to quit although they have high job satisfaction.
The concept of personal branding has been debated by many authors, yet only a little empirical literature on the Authentication of personal branding exists. This paper conceptualizes the term personal branding and reports on the findings of an empirical test relating to the elements of an Authentic personal brand. Data was sourced from 315 respondents, representing eight different industries from the Top500 company list in South Africa. This study is unique as the elements of an authentic personal brand claimed by Rampersad (54; 55) has never (as far as could be established,) been empirically tested. Exploratory research design was utilized and a computer aided self-administered Web-based Survey was used as data collection method. The study concludes that the following elements constitute an authentic personal brand namely: authenticity; consistency; relevance; authority; distinctiveness; integrity; goodwill and persistence. The personal brand of individuals are influenced by age, the industries working in and position held within an organization. As a result, the elements of an authentic brand are the same for all individuals, but the personal brand of each individual is unique.
In order to make better research on the weighting methods of case attributes in Case-based Reasoning, we conduct a study on the weighting methods of case attributes, in which a number of 50 metro energy consumption cases is chosen to verify the three weighting methods on attributes of the case in the metro energy consumption data base. The three weighting methods are Analytic Hierarchy Process, abbreviated as AHP, Mean Square Difference, abbreviated as MSD, and Integrated Determination of Variable Weight, abbreviated as IDVW. The results of this study clarified that the new method IDVW can improve the retrieval quality of the metro energy consumption case, and retrieve the most efficient metro train route map quickly, which can realize the decline of metro energy consumption effectively.
Disclosure is a medium of communicating information to users. In business world, annual report is the most commonly used medium of communication. Corporate governance practices followed in business firms reach various users through corporate governance section of annual reports. Clause 49 of the listing agreement provides, in detail, the corporate governance provisions to listed companies in India. This study aimed at evaluating these practices in Pharmaceutical companies as against disclosure requirements of clause 49. 35 mid-cap and 18 large-cap companies have been taken as the sample. The methodology includes arriving at scores for different disclosure criteria. And these criteria were ranked based on those scores. There found differences between mid-cap and large-cap companies on mandatory disclosure practices.
The aim of this paper is to discuss ways Fortune 500 CEOs can boost their organizational strategic performance in the 21st century. Six ways to achieve effective performance are leading with emotional intelligence, shaping the strategic organizational path, successfully handling organizational resources, nourishing an organizational ethos, accentuating organizational ethical practices, and instituting organizational pedals. To bring clarity to this fragment area of research, the author performed a systematic literature review of papers and articles concerned with CEOs or strategic leadership, published in leading management journals over the past 25 years. A research question guided this review: How can CEOs of Fortune 500 companies make a difference in their organizational strategic performance? Next, the paper outlines how CEOs of Fortune 500 companies can make a difference in their strategic performance. Finally, the review addresses how future research can build on these proposed ways and framework to advance the theoretical depth and empirical investigation of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.
This study explores the segmentation of young adult consumers in the emerging market of China which are stereotyped as homogeneous, adopting the cultural identity theory about global-local identity beliefs (global citizenship through global brands, nationalism, and consumer ethnocentrism). We use cluster analysis to outline individuals on their integration of three cultural beliefs. Then we examine every cluster for their attitude toward advertisements of global brands with global consumer cultural positioning (GCCP) and local consumer cultural positioning (LCCP). Results indicate that there are four segments: the global-local citizen (37%), the explorer (26%), the extremely nationalist (19%) and the global-viewed adaptor (18%). All four segments have different attitudes to GCCP and LCCP advertisements and different purchasing intentions on global brands using GCCP and LCCP strategies.
Use of e-commerce and e-marketing has highly penetrated to our lives almost in all industries. Healthcare arena in that respect is one of the most complex areas of implementation and progress. Both of these marketing initiatives in healthcare are crucial to develop the e-health practices. The efficient use of e-marketing and e-commerce in healthcare are expected to improve the outcomes positively for all related stakeholders regarding patients and Healthcare providers in the whole healthcare ecosystem. This unique field study evaluates the approach of users to e-commerce in healthcare in four emerging countries; Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. This research is also reflecting the expectations and views of users for the future use of e-commerce in healthcare in those selected markets. Results indicate that e-commerce will grow in emerging markets as long as these practices are strictly regulated and the existing challenges of trust, data privacy, ICT infrastructure, financing, and supply chain management is improved.
Keywords-E-health, Healthcare E-commerce, Emerging Markets, User Insights
For decades, researchers have studied internationalization from different perspectives and under different theories such as Uppsala theory or the International New Venture or Born Global. However, there have been few studies that have considered both theories in depth from a holistic point of view to analyze the effects that relational resources can have in determining the gradualness of the internationalization processes and being able to analyze the differences in the set of resources and capabilities between traditional companies and born global companies. The objective of this work is to identify the effect that the relational resources have in the process followed by the companies for the development of the internationalization strategy of a more or less gradual form and to determine if that effect is different for born global companies. The application of partial least squares analysis (PLS) to a sample of 185 exporting companies belonging to the Spanish wine sector show on the one hand the existence of a relationship between relational resources and the gradualness with which companies go abroad and on the other side the existence of significant differences when these relational resources are analyzed in two different companies’ profiles: born global companies and traditional companies.

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