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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Amos Owen Thomas
Stockholm University

Best Student Paper

Mr. Michael Justus Reichert
HSU Hamburg

Best Paper Awards 2014

Best Research Paper

Dr. Jony Haryanto
Satya Wacana Christian University Indonesia

Best Student Paper

Sara Johnson
ISM, International School of Management

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Call For Papers

Papers / topics dealing with Enterprise Marketing and Globalization including but not limited to:

  • Maximising content marketing
  • Marketing ROI of online campaigns and social media
  • Managing global brand, local market online
  • Innovations in online marketing
  • Driving business efficiency and sales through online campaigns
  • Creating a strong governance and internal strategy to fully capitalize on online initiatives and social media
  • Successful Facebook marketing strategies
  • Online lead generation
  • Managing and optimising multi-channel marketing
  • Blogging for business success
  • Maximising the power of your e-newsletter
  • Building and nurturing online communities
  • Advertising/ marketing communication issues
  • Branding
  • Conceptual models and theories
  • Corporate responsibility, ethics and social responsibility
  • Distribution channels
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Innovation and new product development
  • International and cross-cultural marketing
  • Marketing research and research methodologies
  • Marketing strategies for halal certified products and services
  • Personal selling and sales management
  • Pricing issues and strategies
  • Retailing
  • Services marketing
  • Strategic marketing and market orientation
  • Tourism marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Social communications and advertising
  • Non profit marketing and fundraising
  • Responsible consumption
  • Vulnerable consumers
  • Sustainability and green marketing
  • Public sector marketing and communication
  • Network analysis in social marketing
  • Social marketing in a community development context
  • 'Relationship marketing' within social marketing
  • Social Media as Part of the Overall Company Strategy
  • Social Media and Marketing Budget Allocation
  • Social Media and Organizational Structure
  • New Product Development and Marketing Challenges
  • Forecasting
  • tools, techniques, organizatioal issues
  • Marketing Strategy and Firm's performance
  • Technology and marketing effectiveness, Interactive marketing tools and implications for firms
  • Marketing analytics: Use of tools, building infrastructure, competence and capability
  • Marketing decision support systems, Marketing information systems
  • Branding strategies and impact on Consumers, Effect of Marketing Communication on Consumers and Brand
  • Business-oriented and consumer-oriented e-commerce
  • Distribution Channel Management: Multi-channel imperative and its Challenges and Prospects
  • Customer Relationship Management, technology, systems and processes, metrics, implementation, CRM and organizational performance, governance

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